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Sometimes adding some minor finishing touches to your photos can add a tremendous amount of value to the product you are marketing.

More often than not, these “finishing touches” are just a matter of just a few extra seconds with an image editor.

For this example, I am using an image from Blue Mist Cabins.

This above site offers absolutely beautiful vacation cabin rentals. When marketing this type of service, you can help your visitors take a tour of the surroundings and actually imagine vacationing in the surroundings you are describing to them. Color can play an important part in this.

The key is to make your images display what your eyes see. Of course there are times when your camera doesn’t want to help you with this. It is at times like this that knowing your way around an image editor will make a huge difference.

Take for example, the following image:

Photos and Marketing Before Photo

As you can already see, the location is gorgeous.

However, the wide black border image may detract from the beauty of the scene. Generally speaking, if you are going to use borders, applying them in an image editor is best. They will also give a bit more of a professional appearance if you stick with a very narrow border.

The site owner has selected a blue background. In this case the blue may be just a bit too bright, taking the focus away from the image.

Following is an example that may give the viewer a better indication of the beauty of this scene.

Photos and Marketing After Photo

Not having the benefit of seeing the actual scenery, I was guessing a bit when editing this image. I actually made no color adjustments.

By making some slight adjustments in the exposure (or contrast) and adding a slight unsharp mask, the beauty of the scene shines through on its own. I also deepened the background color by a few shades to allow the image to stand out as the primary focus.

If I had the benefit of seeing the original scene, I may have softened the colors slightly.

Total Time for Image Adjustment: Less then 1 minute


J. Cricket Walker

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