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Find a Photography Friend

Have you ever found yourself in a total slump with your photography? Times when no matter how many pictures you take, they all seem to start looking the same? You just can’t quite find shots that stand out above the rest? Nothing seems to tell the story of what you’re seeing?

Find a photography friend to shoot with for a day!

You will learn more in just a few hours than you have in months of shooting on your own. Seeing the approach another photographer takes to the same scenes, the angles they take, and how they deal with lighting issues will have your mind whirling wanting to learn more.

The following shots were taken by Robert Barrett of Barrett Photo Art. All this time I have found myself completely filling the frame with the subject. While that can make for some stunning shots, sometimes backing up, showing more of the scene surrounding your subject tells more of the story, adding feeling to the photos.

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
WOW! It is beautiful here . . .

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
I am not looking at the hot guy . . .

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Oh my gosh! He was soooo hot! . . .

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Where did the ducks go?

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Toto? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore . . .

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Oh yeah! I think I could get used to Austin!

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
It is just so peaceful here . . .

Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Simply beautiful . . .

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
(David Alan Harvey)

J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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