Perceptions in Photography

Getting in a rut by shooting all your photos from the same height and angles is way too easy to do. If you do not work at preventing this, eventually all of your pictures begin to take on the same look.

Changing things up even a little can give you totally different visual perceptions in photography.

In these two shots, very minor changes give a whole new perspective to the same scenic view. I took one photograph almost at eye level, while the other is just a few feet off the ground and a bit further up the railroad track to remove a few distractions. While the first image gives the illusion of being much longer than the other, in reality there is only about 10 feet difference in the actual focal point.

Perceptions in Photography Railroad Track Example.
Perceptions in Photography Example 1

Perceptions in Photography Railroad Track Example
Perceptions in Photography Example 2

Smaller images, such as the first example below, almost always require zooming in as close as possible and completely filling the frame.

There are times though, especially with larger images that provides more detail, when you may find that pulling back a bit and showing more of the scene will tell the story for you.

Can you see how the second image actually tells the story?

Now you can see that the driver of the big truck was trying to turn the corner when he dropped the trailer. You can almost hear the two men discussing how in the heck they are going to fix this mess!

Zoom in close and fill the frame for small images with impact.
Perceptions in Photography Example 3

Pull back a bit when you need the photo to help tell a story.
Perceptions in Photography Example 4

Again, I cannot say that one picture is better than the other because it depends on the perception that you need for the photograph to portray. The first example gives more visual impact, while the second one tells more of the story.

If you take the time to shoot a scene from every possible perspective, you will have more choices to find the perfect shot to meet your needs for a specific project.

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