Optimizing Your Images

Choosing the Correct File Type for Your Images

Start getting a basic understanding of which file formats are used for the specific type of image you are working with.

Learn to Re-size and Optimize Images

Surprisingly enough, most image editors are very similar. Once you understand basic concepts, it is really very simple to begin learning how to effectively use your specific editor.

Get familiar with basic image editors and proper methods of resizing and optimizing images by following basic training tutorials.

Remember this: Good image optimization is not just about drastically reducing file size. It is about reducing file size in such a manner that you really do not see a visible difference in the quality.


This is my advice for most anything, but I find it especially true for topics involving learning to edit images.

  • Choose any full size image.
  • Make about 50 copies.
  • Start Playing!

What is the worse thing that could happen if you take an image and try every single button in your image editor to see what happens?

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