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In Paint Shop Pro X, there are several ways to open the image that you would like to work on. Some people prefer to right click on the file and select Paint Shop Pro X to open the file. This will automatically open the image in the editor you select.

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If Paint Shop Pro is already open, you may prefer to open the image from inside the program. In the menu located at the top of the window, choose File > Open.

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This will open a new window that makes it possible for you to browse the files on your computer. You can place a check mark in the box to allow this to show you previews of the images if you are not sure which file name you are looking for. A single click on a file will show you a preview and insert the file name for you. Once you have found the image you are looking for, simply click the open button.

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My favorite method though is simply dragging the file into Paint Shop Pro X. Make sure that PSP is open small enough that you can see the work area and still see the file you want at the same time. Click on the image you want to open and continue to hold the mouse button down while you drag it over to INSIDE the work area in PSP. As soon as you let go of the mouse, the image will open in PSP ready to be edited.

I warned you we were going to break these tutorials up into bite-size pieces, so that’s it for this one. In our next tutorial we will cover the basics of resizing an image for web use, using this same editor.

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