At Least One Photo a Day

Over the last few days I have learned that photography is every bit as much about attitude as it is about skill, maybe even more so.

Similar to what writers go through now and then when they are faced with the challenge of writers’ block, I have had a few months here where I simply stopped seeing the beauty in the world around me.

I found it very difficult to even pick up my camera, let alone get out there and actually take some decent shots. The longer I waited to get back out there with my camera, the harder it became.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine challenged me to make a commitment to take one or more pictures every day for a while.

For some reason, if I didn’t look at it as a whole photo shoot, it suddenly seemed like something I could do. Heck yeah! I can promise just to take one or more pictures every day for a while.

As I headed out the door, I reminded myself it was no big deal. I could get one picture in about 5 minutes flat and be done with it.

My favorite person in the world to photograph is my daughter. She is a natural in front of the camera, and above all she has the patience of a saint when I get in a groove and want to keep on shooting, so I figured she would be perfect for this day.

We headed to the park in town and just started talking. Eventually I pulled out my camera and started looking at the world through my lens again, while she played on the jungle gym.

Playing On The Jungle Gym!

My promise to myself to take at least one picture turned into more than an hour as I began to remember how much I enjoy seeing my daughter smirk at me through the viewfinder while I keep trying for
the perfect outdoor portrait.

Smirking At Me!

At least one photo a day, for 30 days. I can do this.

J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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  1. Renata

    So, can we see what you did into edit this shot??
    I am assuming there is a before and after — although my after shots do not look very good yet…….I hoping to learn from yours…although I do not think that I could handle another chat room for photo-shopping photos.. (grinning wickedly…and counting down for the announcement)

  2. J. Cricket Walker
    J. Cricket Walker07-16-2007

    We’ve had a photo editing discussion group for a few years. 😉

    There isn’t much I do with any of my photos that hasn’t been discussed pretty extensively throughout this blog already. Other than minimal cropping the only thing I did with these particular photos was tweak a few basic filter effects and then added a drop shadow for online display purposes. Both pictures involved less than two minutes of editing time.

  3. Sylvia Finley
    Sylvia Finley07-16-2007

    What an amazing shot. Wow she is so beautiful. Where did the little girl go?Yesterday she was a child and now she is a beautiful young lady. Huggs to you all

  4. Elizabeth Dill
    Elizabeth Dill07-17-2007

    Dazzling photos — phenomenally gorgeous young lady. She looks like she could be an actress or model. Cheers!

  5. J. Cricket Walker
    J. Cricket Walker07-17-2007

    @ Sylvia – They grow way too fast! It seems like just yesterday she was learning to crawl. I am afraid to blink my eyes for fear that the next time I look she will be away at college.

    @ Elizabeth – The camera loves her. All I have to do is click the shutter and magic happens.

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