Low Light Photography

My newest personal goal is learning how to improve my low light photography skills, when flash is not an option. Although I can certainly edit the pictures later to lighten things up, often that does not result in the natural scene that my eyes see when the shot was taken. If I do not make changes in the automatic settings, the final results are usually too dark. I’m looking for that happy medium.

Sony DSC F828
I am working with the Sony DSC F828 (8.0 MP) which includes the Carl Zeiss T* lens. It is a beautiful camera to work with as it allows me to use automatic settings when I am just taking family snapshots, while still allowing me full control of the settings as needed.

So far this personal learning challenge has been a matter of trial an error, literally taking hundreds of pictures while experimenting with every possible setting. Thank goodness I am working with digital!

The photo below was especially frustrating, as the natural lighting varied so much in a single scene, with the area behind the trees actually being much lighter than where the horse was standing.

Outdoor Low Light Photography Challenge With Water

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Pictures taken in the evening, especially when the sky is gray, continue to cause a similar challenge. In order to keep the sky from washing out in the photograph, I again ended up with a fairly dark image.

Outdoor Low Light Photography Challenge With Gray Sky

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My plan is to begin experimenting with a few lens filters to see if this might be a possible solution. Although I certainly want to keep my photos as natural as possible, I also do not want to have to wait for the weather to give me those picture perfect lighting days either.

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