Light Tent and Product Photos

The number one issue you will face when taking product photos is lighting. Unless you have a studio to work from, you are going to have to find alternatives. Using a light tent can help give your product photos a professional touch.

You can spend as much or as little as you want to. It really depends on how much time you have available and how good you are at following some simple instructions to make one, or if you prefer to purchase a ready-made product. provides a good selection of light tents within a wide price range. You can also find many of your other lighting needs on the same site. Another option would be to check out eBay for a more affordable solution.

If you are willing to tackle a challenge though, the number of online tutorials for learning to build a light tent is virtually unlimited. I would read through several until you find one that will best meet your needs.

J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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