Know Your Image Editor

You have to take the time to truly learn your way around the image editor you are using.

The program itself will often have a help program that we often overlook. Don’t just read the files though. Choose an image to practice what they are teaching while you are reading the files. Sometimes our best teacher will be trial and error.

Find the company website where they sell the program. Often you will find a mass amount of help and tutorials. Some of these will even point you to related forums dedicated to using their products.

Ask people for learning sources for your specific product. There are a vast number of tutorials throughout the internet that will walk you through the specific technique you want to learn, step by step. Don’t forget that a good old-fashioned search through the various search engines will give you more tutorials than you will ever be able to complete.

Finally, do not disregard tutorials from other image editors. Very often the ideas are exactly the same. Once you are familiar with those concepts, you can convert a tutorial to work with the program you are using.

Taking the time to truly know your image editor will save a lot of frustration in the future!


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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