Know Your Digital Camera

Before you can even think about learning techniques to take better pictures and prepare them for web use, you have to become familiar with your camera. This involves studying and a lot of practice.

Often the best information is sitting right in front of us in the owners manual that came with our cameras. Sit down and actually read it from cover to cover. Keep your camera right beside you during this process, so you can visualize the information as it is presented to you.

Most camera manufacturers also have an excellent online source of help files and tutorials. They may even provide an online owners manual if you are no longer able to find yours.

Once you have spent the time to get to know your camera better, the best thing you can do next is start taking hundreds of pictures. Since you don’t have to worry about wasting film there is no reason to limit how many you take. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Choose a single scene to take multiple pictures of, using every possible setting on your camera. The more you play, the more familiar you will become with your camera.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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