Plum Point at Enid Lake

It seems like every time I get the chance to handle the camera lately, I’m either getting some shots for a tutorial that I am writing, a graphic I am working on, or to fill a stock photo request. Sometimes I just want to take pictures without even thinking about work.

For weeks now I have been itching to grab my camera and head over to Plumb Point on Enid Lake. With 65 miles of shoreline, there is no shortage of photo opportunities on this 6,100 acre lake.

Plum Point at Enid Lake, Mississippi

When the weather was perfect I didn’t have the time, and when I finally had the time, it would suddenly start pouring down rain.

Today, everything finally came together and I headed out the door with my camera in hand. I was more than ready for this break!.

Plum Point Recreation Area on North Enid Lake, Mississippi

Enid Lake Boat Ramp Area at Plum Point

As I was preparing to pull away from Plumb Point I happened to look up in the side view mirror. I suddenly realized that no matter which direction I looked, I was surrounded by the beauty of Enid Lake.

Surrounded by the Beauty of Plum Point at Enid Lake

Unfortunately, it was also about the same time that I realized the drastic difference in the appearance of the pavement due to the sun glare. My mind started racing with ideas for a new article on all the benefits of using a polarizing camera lens filter.

There went my break from not thinking about work!

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