Displaying Photos on the Internet

Displaying photos on the internet is similar to how you might display them when decorating in your own home. Usually, we don’t just tack photographs up on the wall.


We like to frame them and make them stand out from the wall a bit. When we are displaying photographs on our websites though, the frames we find in image editing programs tend to distract from the photos, rather than making them stand out.

Framed Photograph

Simply framing the picture with a soft shadow can solve this issue. This technique allows the focus to remain on the photograph itself, while still standing out from the page.

Photo Displayed with Shadow

This very professional photograph (below) does not render as well on the web as it does in print, and it ends up losing something on the pages of a website.

Professional Persian Photo

By adding a very small amount of clarification to the image, along with a gentle shadow we can once again make this photograph almost pop off the page.

Professional Persian Photo with Clarification and Shadow Added

Adding these tiny details to photos displayed on your website, can make a huge difference in the overall visual appeal of your site. Sometimes those tiny deatails add up to increasing your sales!

J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer
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 A very special thank you to Laura Thomas of Purrinlot Persians for allowing me to use photographs from her website as examples for this tutorial. Now I want a kitty! (grin)

Purrinlot Persians

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