Something Totally Different

Today I picked up my camera and headed outside to get some extra practice with depth of field when shooting extreme close-ups, as this has continued to be a major challenge for me. My heart was not in it though and I just did not think I was getting any special shots.

What I really wanted to do was drive into town and take some small town shots for a portfolio I am working on. However, the weather was not cooperating. It looked as if it would likely start pouring down rain before I could even get there, so I decided to just hang out around the house and get a few shots.

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Heart of the Lily

Sometimes when you plan an afternoon of taking pictures, you end of with something totally different than you were going for. This isn’t always a bad thing though when it gives me shots like this one.

As I prepared to head back in the house, I decided to take my own advice and take the time to shoot a scene from every possible perspective. I knew I only had a few more minutes because the weather was definitely beginning to take a turn for the worse.

Without even picking up my tripod to look for a new spot, I simply looked around from where I was already standing. When I looked up to check out the skyline, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of a stormy sky scene directly above me.

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Stormy Sky Scene

Hours of planning never seem to come close to those shots we get when we take an extra moment to stop and look around.

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