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We Have to Stop and Listen

I grabbed my camera and headed out the door with no particular destination in mind. In fact, I wasn’t even certain I was going to take any pictures. I just knew I needed to escape for a few hours. I wandered around the yard, uncertain which direction to take, when suddenly the trail into the woods seemed the perfect place …

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A Mississippi Garden Spider

A Mississippi Garden Spider I don’t like spiders. I never have. But, let me tell you something. You have NEVER seen spiders until you have seen a Mississippi Garden Spider. These things are so big that I would be afraid to leave any small pets running around loose! People always want to know what that zig zag looking thing in …

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Something Totally Different

Today I picked up my camera and headed outside to get some extra practice with depth of field when shooting extreme close-ups, as this has continued to be a major challenge for me. My heart was not in it though and I just did not think I was getting any special shots. What I really wanted to do was drive …

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It’s Time to Take a Break

If you spend 2 hours chasing bumble bees pollinating (for a close up) and finally get the PERFECT shot, only to come inside and discover a mark on the same spot of every image… it might be time to take a break. If you then spend 45 minutes carefully cleaning your lenses and return for another hour of chasing bumble …

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