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The Early Signs of Spring

There is something absolutely breathtaking about suddenly finding the early signs of Spring all around you, almost like a beautiful rainbow following way too many rainy days. It is pretty tough not to feel good about life when you wake up to gorgeous blue skies and the sound of birds singing a brand-new song. As I sit rocking in my …

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Wildlife Photography Dream

It has always been a not so secret dream of mine to one day have the opportunity to get some experience as a wildlife photographer. Since I have trouble even getting my dogs to sit still long enough to get a shot of them, I think it must involve a ton of talent, and patience. Needless to say, when I …

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Plum Point at Enid Lake

It seems like every time I get the chance to handle the camera lately, I’m either getting some shots for a tutorial that I am writing, a graphic I am working on, or to fill a stock photo request. Sometimes I just want to take pictures without even thinking about work. For weeks now I have been itching to grab …

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Spring In Mississippi

I have never been one to take many winter pictures. Even when the trees first begin to bloom, the colors seem so subdued when compared with the rest of the year. We are finally able to say goodbye to old man winter, and welcome another spring in Mississippi. Goodbye To Old Man Winter It feels so good to drag the …

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Mississippi Fall Colors

View Full Size Mississippi Fall Colors Taking pictures in Mississippi is a photographers dream. The fall season is no exception. Colors are so vivid that at times they almost seem unreal.   I WILL DEFINITELY SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer Copyright © 2005 J. Cricket Walker of Online Photography Magazine All Rights Reserved

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