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At Least One Photo a Day

Over the last few days I have learned that photography is every bit as much about attitude as it is about skill, maybe even more so. Similar to what writers go through now and then when they are faced with the challenge of writers’ block, I have had a few months here where I simply stopped seeing the beauty in …

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Low Light Photography

My newest personal goal is learning how to improve my low light photography skills, when flash is not an option. Although I can certainly edit the pictures later to lighten things up, often that does not result in the natural scene that my eyes see when the shot was taken. If I do not make changes in the automatic settings, …

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Emotion Photo Challenge

Emotion Photography Challenge This is one photography challenge that I truly enjoyed. Click on the photo of my granddaughter above to see the results of this challenge!   I WILL DEFINITELY SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Small Business Marketing Consultant and Scenic Photographer Copyright © 2005 J. Cricket Walker of Online Photography Magazine All Rights Reserved

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Photography Angles Challenge

Angles Photo Challenge Good lawd this challenge gave me way more trouble than I expected! The challenge was to take several angles of the same shot. Mistakes I Made To Keep in Mind for Future Shots: – Don’t even consider taking this type of image without a tripod! – If the sun is actively coming up while taking photos, you …

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