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Optimizing Your Images

Choosing the Correct File Type for Your Images Start getting a basic understanding of which file formats are used for the specific type of image you are working with. Learn to Re-size and Optimize Images Surprisingly enough, most image editors are very similar. Once you understand basic concepts, it is really very simple to begin learning how to effectively use …

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Photos and Website Marketing

Sometimes adding some minor finishing touches to your photos can add a tremendous amount of value to the product you are marketing. More often than not, these “finishing touches” are just a matter of just a few extra seconds with an image editor. For this example, I am using an image from Blue Mist Cabins. This above site offers absolutely …

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Basic Thumbnail Images

Many folks use thumbnail images that are too large and often overcropped, leading to slow loading pages and poor image quality. I am by no means a professional photographer. Heck, I barely qualify as a hobbyist, but I have learned some tips that have helped me. My first advice is to allow your camera to do the initial work for …

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