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Fun Photo Shoot

Yeah, this is that sweet innocent look! Should we do this photo shoot together? Yeah right . . . I’m getting the feeling this isn’t gonna be a professional shoot . . . Having too much fun to stop laughing . . . Uh huh . . . Hey I can do this shoot without you! (grin) Are they leaving …

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Choosing a Digital Camera

When it comes to choosing a digital camera, I am probably the last one you should ever consider taking advice from. Why? Because shortly after I buy one, I fall in love with a different one! My first digital camera was a little Kodak Easy Share (4.0 MP) that I was absolutely certain I would never be able to learn …

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Know Your Digital Camera

Before you can even think about learning techniques to take better pictures and prepare them for web use, you have to become familiar with your camera. This involves studying and a lot of practice. Often the best information is sitting right in front of us in the owners manual that came with our cameras. Sit down and actually read it …

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