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Find a Photography Friend

Have you ever found yourself in a total slump with your photography? Times when no matter how many pictures you take, they all seem to start looking the same? You just can’t quite find shots that stand out above the rest? Nothing seems to tell the story of what you’re seeing? Find a photography friend to shoot with for a …

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Black and White Photos Again

As most of you already know, I am a major fan of black and white photos. I have a habit of checking just about every picture I really like, to see how it would look as a black and white. Sometimes the results are stunning, and other times the results are just okay. This time I was pretty pleased with …

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Quality Portrait Style Shots

Several people have asked me recently how to shoot quality portrait style shots. Since I am not a professional studio photographer, most of the time for me, it is a matter of pure luck and a lot of trial and error. Copyright © 2007 Mississippi Photo Gallery The odds of ending up with a great picture greatly increase in direct …

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Looking For That Perfect Shot

One of the coolest things about spring is that you really don’t have to spend hours looking for that perfect shot. Just sit back and relax. Let those perfect shots come to you. Every direction you turn your camera there, are new and exciting things all around you to photograph. A huge part of photography is realizing that some of …

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Impact of Photos on Marketing

Have you ever noticed how some websites seem to draw you right in immediately, while others lose your attention in a matter of just a minute or two? Have you wondered what sets them apart? Is it a difference in the marketing techniques used? I do not believe it is our job to try to convince our visitors to make …

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Best Photography Editing Tips

Every time I pick up a new photography or image editing tip I find myself thinking that I wish I would have known it back when I started. I have learned the most from listening to others and the things that have helped them, so I thought it might be nice to put together a list of many of these …

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Every Picture Tells a Story

In an earlier article I wrote about perceptions in photography. Minor changes in how you take a picture, such as shooting from a different angle or pulling in close on your subject, can change what is portrayed by the photograph. Changing a photo from color to black and white can also have this same impact. Each of these changes can …

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Perceptions in Photography

Getting in a rut by shooting all your photos from the same height and angles is way too easy to do. If you do not work at preventing this, eventually all of your pictures begin to take on the same look. Changing things up even a little can give you totally different visual perceptions in photography. In these two shots, …

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Polarizing Camera Lens Filter

We have all taken what we expected to be a beautiful scenic photo, only to find that the resulting image appeared washed out compared to the way our eyes have perceived the original scene. This used to drive me crazy, and I would waste hours trying to reproduce what I had seen through the use of an image editor. Scenic …

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Light Tent and Product Photos

The number one issue you will face when taking product photos is lighting. Unless you have a studio to work from, you are going to have to find alternatives. Using a light tent can help give your product photos a professional touch. You can spend as much or as little as you want to. It really depends on how much …

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