Wild Bird Photo Opportunities

Front Porch Photo Opportunities

Most mornings I find myself sitting on my front porch enjoying a cup of coffee and mentally preparing myself for the day. As I sit there slowly rocking, enjoying the quiet moments of pure southern tranquility, the birds begin to relax with me there, and their musical serenades begin.

Just off my front porch, an old dogwood tree attracts just about any bird imaginable in these parts of the south. Some mornings it feels almost as if they are putting on a special performance, just for me.

I enjoy watching them so much that I added a few bird feeders to the tree and even a birdbath and fountain nearby. Some folks have teasingly mentioned that it is starting to look like a little bird sanctuary around here. Let me tell you though. It has sure opened up some perfect bird watching photo opportunities for me.

Photographing these wild birds has proven to be a challenge though, and each has required different techniques to get a decent shot. Several species have continued to avoid me like the plague if I have a camera in my hands.

It is a standing joke around our house that the birds just seem to know the very moment that I take the camera out. They immediately send off a shrill warning to everyone that it is time to leave.

Those that do bother to hang around love to taunt me by taking flight a split second before I can bring the picture into focus.

It turns out that one of the best ways to improve your wild bird photos is by getting to know them a little better, not just birds in general, but the specific species that you want to photograph.

Initially I just set out to be able to identify them and the different sounds that they make. It wasn’t long though before I wanted to know everything from their habitats to the stories behind how they got their names!

As you begin understanding their habits, and even their temperaments, you start being able to predict their behavior. Once that happens, you greatly improve your chances of getting some incredible close up pictures of birds!

I thought that writing a series of articles about my experiences trying to get pictures of some of the species here in Mississippi might be fun. I would love it if our readers would jump in and share some of their backyard bird photography tips too!

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