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Photo Basics

The Online Photography Magazine Yahoo Group is set up in a way that you can sit and plan your own training program to improve your photography skills and your ability to size and optimize those images for web use. Where do you currently stand in your personal plan? What are you working on? What specific challenges are you trying to …

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Photography Angles Challenge

Angles Photo Challenge Good lawd this challenge gave me way more trouble than I expected! The challenge was to take several angles of the same shot. Mistakes I Made To Keep in Mind for Future Shots: – Don’t even consider taking this type of image without a tripod! – If the sun is actively coming up while taking photos, you …

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Visual Appeal With Images

Taking the time to add even minor details to your photos can make a tremendous difference in the visual appeal of your website. However, paying attention to these same details with your product photos can actually increase the perceived value of your product! Original River Photo   River Photo with Contrast   River Photo with Contrast and Border   River …

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Optimizing Your Images

Choosing the Correct File Type for Your Images Start getting a basic understanding of which file formats are used for the specific type of image you are working with. Learn to Re-size and Optimize Images Surprisingly enough, most image editors are very similar. Once you understand basic concepts, it is really very simple to begin learning how to effectively use …

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Inspirational Portfolio

I am always looking for resource sites that can help inspire me to take better pictures. While searching for photography ideas and tips to share with the Online Photography Magazine, I came across an incredible digital photography portfolio by Steve Adcock of WOW! Every photo seems to invoke a feeling about the scene portrayed. The photos are so natural …

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Photos and Website Marketing

Sometimes adding some minor finishing touches to your photos can add a tremendous amount of value to the product you are marketing. More often than not, these “finishing touches” are just a matter of just a few extra seconds with an image editor. For this example, I am using an image from Blue Mist Cabins. This above site offers absolutely …

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Basic Thumbnail Images

Many folks use thumbnail images that are too large and often overcropped, leading to slow loading pages and poor image quality. I am by no means a professional photographer. Heck, I barely qualify as a hobbyist, but I have learned some tips that have helped me. My first advice is to allow your camera to do the initial work for …

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