Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2006’

Optimizing Photos for Web Use

The key to successfully optimizing photos for web use is to find the balance between compressing the overall size of the file small enough so that it will load quickly, but not so small that it reduces the visible quality of the photo on your monitor. In a previous lesson we learned that we can help preserve that visible quality …

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Resizing Images for the Web

Simply changing the dimensions of an image in your HTML is never an acceptable method of resizing your photographs for web use. Entering different dimensions than the actual dimensions of the image on your server can give the photograph a distorted appearance. More importantly, if you are using this method to display thumbnails (smaller images) the download time is identical …

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Using a Lossless File Format

Unless you are a professional photographer, the odds are very good that your digital camera (without special settings) takes and transfers pictures to your computer using the jpg file format. Every time you open a jpg file, make edits, and resave it, the image will lose quality that can never be recovered. To overcome this issue, the first thing we …

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