Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2006’

Plugin Filters for Image Editors

Using plugin filters can help you turn average photographs into works of art. You do not have to spend a small fortune on plugins for image editors. Often you can find outstanding ones for very low cost, or even free. Just chatting with other photographers in groups and forums, you are likely to find quality resources. David Elliott of …

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Something Totally Different

Today I picked up my camera and headed outside to get some extra practice with depth of field when shooting extreme close-ups, as this has continued to be a major challenge for me. My heart was not in it though and I just did not think I was getting any special shots. What I really wanted to do was drive …

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Perceptions in Photography

Getting in a rut by shooting all your photos from the same height and angles is way too easy to do. If you do not work at preventing this, eventually all of your pictures begin to take on the same look. Changing things up even a little can give you totally different visual perceptions in photography. In these two shots, …

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Polarizing Camera Lens Filter

We have all taken what we expected to be a beautiful scenic photo, only to find that the resulting image appeared washed out compared to the way our eyes have perceived the original scene. This used to drive me crazy, and I would waste hours trying to reproduce what I had seen through the use of an image editor. Scenic …

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