Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2006’

Spring In Mississippi

I have never been one to take many winter pictures. Even when the trees first begin to bloom, the colors seem so subdued when compared with the rest of the year. We are finally able to say goodbye to old man winter, and welcome another spring in Mississippi. Goodbye To Old Man Winter It feels so good to drag the …

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Optimize GIF Files With PSP X

Before you start learning how to optimize GIF files with PSP X, I highly recommend taking some time to become familiar with the help files located within the program. Although it may sound like a foreign language at first, the more you work with Paint Shop Pro X, the easier things will become. Quite often people have mentioned that they …

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Disable IE Image Toolbar

Okay, I know that subject of image theft on the internet is highly volatile, and I absolutely do not want to start a war about this. Everyone has their own beliefs about ways to prevent their images from being stolen. The truth is, if someone really wants your images, they will find a way, regardless of which precautions you take. …

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Optimize Website Photographs

The first step to properly optimizing your images is choosing the correct image format. In most cases, photographs for web use should be saved and optimized as a jpg. This tutorial will cover the basics of how to optimize website photographs using Paint Shop Pro X. Although Paint Shop Pro X offers instructions in their help files for saving and …

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Choosing Image File Formats

Before you can properly optimize your images, it helps to have at least a basic understanding of image file formats. Saving images in the wrong file formats can affect the quality of the image. It can also lead to much longer download times than necessary. I almost always publish photographs to the web using the JPG file format. This file …

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Unsharp Mask in Paint Shop Pro

One of the most frequent questions I receive concerns frustration about images losing their sharpness when they are resized. Learning to effectively use the unsharp mask makes it possible for your resized images to maintain a high quality appearance. This is especially important when you are creating thumbnail images of your products for quick download time on the page, but …

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