Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2006’

Resizing With Paint Shop Pro

I will be covering very basic image resizing using Paint Shop Pro X in this tutorial. Because we are trying to break these tutorials up into tiny bite-size pieces, I will be covering image editing and optimization in later tutorials. The first thing I do when I open an image is make either a PSP, Tiff, or PNG copy of …

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Open Image In Paint Shop Pro

In Paint Shop Pro X, there are several ways to open the image that you would like to work on. Some people prefer to right click on the file and select Paint Shop Pro X to open the file. This will automatically open the image in the editor you select. See Screen Shot If Paint Shop Pro is already open, …

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Series of Basic Tutorials

I am going to start a series of extremely basic tutorials covering the process of resizing and optimizing an image for web use. To help me understand the exact point where people need additional help, I am going to break these articles into tiny bite size pieces over a period of the next several weeks. My plan at this point …

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